Maine Coon Characteristics – What Is A Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is a magnificent cat breed. However, if your mind is set on getting this type of cat, it’s important to research what are the Maine Coon characteristics.

It’s essential you know what a Maine Coon is, so when you’re picking a kitten or adopting an adult cat, you end up with a genuine breed.

What Is A Maine Coon

Back in the early 19th century, Maine Coon was known for being a farm cat, ship’s cat and a mouser. Maine Coon is a natural breed. However, not many facts are known on where they come from.

It’s speculated that they were brought to North America before the time of Columbus. However, others say that ship captains have brought a longhaired cat to America. Then the longhaired has bred with local cats and the result – Maine Coon.

Another interesting speculation is that Maine Coon was one of Marie Antoinette’s cats.

An interesting fact to know is – where their name originates from. “Maine” refers to where the cat comes from which supposedly is – Maine. However, “Coon” refers to their brown tabby coat.

Overall, the Maine Coons are large cats that are affectionate and friendly. Moreover, they enjoy spending quality time with their human and playing together.

The distinctive Main Coon characteristics can’t be missed. However, it’s very important you do enough research into recognising those features, so you know you’re getting the genuine breed.

Maine Coon Appearance

Although, Maine Coons are crowned as the largest domesticated cat, they are also well known for being great family pets. In comparison to other cats, Maine Coons are quite docile and friendly – both male and female.

However, before buying this cat breed, you should be familiar with the Maine Coon characteristics. Another reason this is needed, is so you provide the cat with the appropriate care.

Maine Coon’s appearance is made up of the following features:

  • Puffy, pointy ears and large eyes
  • Large in size with broad chest and thick legs
  • Long coat and long tail

These Maine Coon characteristics have developed in order to help the cat survive the tough winter conditions of North America.

Puffy Pointy Ears And Large Eyes

Although, one of the most prominent Main Coon characteristics is their pointy and long ears, it’s their large eyes that gets them the nickname “social queens”.

The eyes of these social queens can give out a fierce or sweet look. But whatever that look is, they always appear welcoming with their big eyes.

With that said, Maine Coon’s eye color characteristics can be any of the following:

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Blue

Their eye color would solely depend on the parent’s genetics.

Another noticeable Maine Coon characteristics is their nose. Maine Coon’s nose is straight in comparison to other cats’ flat nose.

Size And Body Type

Maine Coon’s body is strong and muscular. Furthermore, its rectangular shape and long tail, is what makes this cat appear so long.

Normally, Maine Coons would weigh 9 to 18 pounds with the males being larger. In some cases, Maine Coons have reached an impressive 20 pounds and more.

However, they don’t reach their full size until they are 3 to 5 years old.

Usually, the Maine Coon’s body type consists of a long neck, thick legs and a broad chest. All of that contributes to the cat’s majestic and royal-like look.

Furthermore, they have large paws with tufts on the edge of the paws. This Maine Coon characteristics’ purpose is to specifically help the cat adapt to North America’s snowy climate.

It’s important that you don’t overfeed Maine Coons as they are prone to Obesity. If you want to learn more about Maine Coon health issues click here Maine Coon Health Issues: How To Treat Or Prevent

Long Coat And Long Tail

The Maine Coon’s coat is characterized as heavy but silky. Also, their coat has a shaggy appearance due to it being longer in the stomach and legs area. However, the coat appears shorter over the shoulders.

Another important part of the Main Coon characteristics is their coat pattern and colors.

Mos people recognize the Maine Coon by their brown tabby pattern. However, this cat breed also comes in variety of other colors and patterns.

Maine Coon’s coat colors include:

  • Black
  • Red
  • White

Patterns include:

  • Bi-color
  • Tri-color
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Calico

Tail Characteristics

Besides their ears, another fascinating and attention grabbing feature is the Maine Coon’s tail. Moreover, their tail and ears is what separates them from other cats’ appearances.

Although, their tail is definitely beautiful and noticeable, it also has a practical purpose which is to keep them warm.

Once wrapped around their body, the Maine Coon’s tail functions as a warm and fluffy scarf.

Maine Coon Personality And Temperament

There is no arguing how beautiful and proud Maine Coon looks. Although, the Maine Coon characteristics and appearance is what most cat owners are interested in, we shouldn’t forget to mention their lovely personality.

Maine Coons are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. When getting a Maine Coon you should expect the following personality characteristics:

  • Highly intelligent – Thanks to their intelligence, Maine Coons are easy to train
  • Welcoming and friendly – They react well when meeting new people, making a direct eye contact inviting them to get to know them better
  • Affectionate and social
  • Good with the children – Their friendly and playful personality makes them perfect pets for children
  • Comforting – In the case, you’re not feeling well, they will stay by your side to comfort you
  • Active and full of energy – They enjoy playing with their owners, jumping and running around
  • Independent – Although, the Maine Coon enjoys playing, they are fully capable of entertaining themselves

Are Maine Coons Aggressive

The Maine Coons are not aggressive cats. Moreover, they would let you pick them up (if you can because of their size), hold them and cuddle them.

Overall, Maine Coons are friendly, affectionate and even patient with kids.

Although, they are not aggressive with kids or other cats, the Maine Coon are known for being “mousers”. This means, they need to be entertained and their minds kept occupied. Therefore, it’s important you provide them with toys and activities as they have the need to chase.

Although, they can adapt to changes, when bringing a new pet into your Maine Coon’s life, it’s always recommended to do so in stages and to supervise to avoid any altercations.

If you do get a Maine Coon that is not particularly friendly, it would usually be in situations where you’ve adopted and the cat has been mistreated previously.

However, with patience and love, you’d be able to restore Maine Coon’s natural friendly and affectionate personality!

Finally, you must remember Maine Coon’s natural personality is not aggressive at all. Moreover, they will fit right in with your family and will be loyal to anyone that cares for them.

Maine Coon Health

Maine Coons’ lifespan averages 10 to 13 years. This cat breed is usually healthy. However, as any living organism, they are predisposed to certain conditions.

One of the most important things when picking your Maine Coon, is to select a reputable breeder. It’s the breeder’s responsibility to screen the kittens for any health issues and provide you with the kitten’s and its parent’s medical history.

Furthermore, you should ask the breeder about any genetic diseases in the breeding stock.

However, with some conditions there is no way of knowing before they appear.

If you are after this cat breed, it’s important you know the Maine Coon characteristics when it comes to their health and possible conditions later in life.

The most common Maine Coon health conditions include the following:

  • Hip dysplasia – Due to their large size, Maine Coons can develop joint problems such as hip dysplasia or arthritis
  • Dental disease is also common in this breed
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – this is a heart disease that is genetically inherited in Maine Coons. However, DNA test can be done to identify if the cat is carrying the gene
  • Polycystic kidney disease – this is kidney health condition that can slowly progress into renal failure. The condition is also genetically inherited
  • Spinal muscular atrophy – A genetic condition that causes the skeletal muscles to atrophy. This affects mainly the torso and limbs. However, a DNA test is available to identify if the cat is a carrier of the gene.

Final Thoughts

Maine Coon
Weight8-18 pounds
Height10-16 inches
Lifespan10-13 years
PersonalityFriendly, Social, Affectionate
Good with kidsYes
ColorsBlack, Red, White
PatternsBi-color, Tri-color, Tortoiseshell, Calico

Before getting a Maine Coon cat, it’s important you do research into what are the Main Coon Characteristics.

By knowing the characteristics and features of the cat, you’d be able to recognise the genuine breed and you’d know what are the cat’s needs.

Maine Coon is a large cat (9 to 18 pounds) with a fluffy, shaggy looking coat and pointy ears. The most common coat pattern is brown tabby. However, there are other coat colors and patterns such as:

  • Black
  • Red
  • White

Patterns include:

  • Bi-color
  • Tri-color
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Calico

Maine Coon’s personality is friendly and they are affectionate towards their owners. Moreover, this cat is great with kids which makes them the perfect family pet.

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Maine Coon Care

If you’re thinking of getting a Maine Coon, read through the following to get an understanding of the cat’s needs and traits:

  • They need affection and a loving family
  • This car is great with kids! Maine Coon gets along very well with kids and other pets due to their playful and affectionate personality
  • Maine Coon can be independent, however it’s preferrable that they are not left on their own for long periods of time as that can lead to sadness and anxiety
  • This breed loves to play in the water – Maine Coons have a semi water-repellent fur which helps them stay dry and warm whilst in the water
  • Usually, Maine Coons are quiet. However, when they do try to communicate, you’ll find out that their voice is quiet gentle and soft for a giant


As Maine Coons are large cats with a beautiful long and thick coat, it’s important you look after it. However, it’s not only their coat that needs upkeep.

  • You should brush your Maine Coon’s teeth weekly. This would help prevent dental disease
  • Trim their nails once every two weeks
  • Wipe the corners of the eyes often using a soft, damp cloth. This is done to remove any discharge
  • Check your Maine Coon’s ears weekly. If they appear dirty, you should wipe them with a soft damp cloth soaked with a 50% cider vinegar and 50% warm water. However, don’t use cotton swabs as that can damage the interior of the ear
  • Bathing your Maine Coon – If you are to wash them, it should be done once a month. Moreover, washing them would help remove any excess dander, reduces shedding, and maintain your cat’s thick fur


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