Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat: 7 Key Differences You Need To Know

The main differences in Maine Coon vs normal cat include appearance, personality and price! In comparison to a normal cat, Maine Coons are bigger in size, have distinctive face features such as pointy ears and are much friendlier than the regular house cat that can be seen hissing if not in a good mood!

Maybe you’re thinking of getting a Maine Coon cat but not sure how they compare to a regular house at. In this article we are looking at the different features that separate Maine Coon from a normal house cat. Also, we’ll help you decide which cat fits your personality and lifestyle better.

Before looking at the key differnces between Maine Coon vs normal cat, let’s have a quick look at what is a Maine Coon cat first.

What Is A Maine Coon

Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat

Back in the early 19th century, Maine Coon was known for being a farm cat, ship’s cat and a mouser. Maine Coon is a natural breed. However, not many facts are known on where they come from.

Although, the Maine Coon is surrounded by mysterious theories on their origin, this only adds to the cat’s uniqueness.

The distinctive Main Coon characteristics can’t be missed. However, it’s very important you do enough research into recognising those features, so you know you’re getting the genuine breed.

Learn more about Maine Coon characterstics here Maine Coon Characteristics – What Is A Maine Coon

Keep reading for more key differences in Maine Coon vs normal cat.

Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat – Comparable Factors

Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat

When comparing Maine Coon vs normal cat, there are certain factors that sets these two cat breeds apart such as:

  1. Coat
  2. Face
  3. Tail
  4. Size
  5. Personality
  6. Trainability
  7. Price

1. Coat

Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat

One of the main characteristics when comparing Maine Coon vs normal cat is – the coat.

Usually, a normal domesticated cat’s coat is shorthaired. In comparison, the Maine Coon coat is longhaired with a shaggy appearance. Moreover, Maine Coon’s coat is very fluffy and it comes in 85 different colors and patterns.

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Maine Coon’s coat is ruff along the chest, consists of two layers – longer guard hairs and a silky undercoat. Furthermore, their coat is built to be waterproof to keep them dry in snowy conditions.

2. Face

The other feature that separates Maine Coon vs normal cat is – the face.

Normal domesticated cats have triangular face. Whereas, Maine Coon’s face is much more distinctive. Maine Coon’s face is wide with a square muzzle, prominent chin and high cheekbones. In addition, Maine Coon’s ears are wider and pointy with lynx tips.

Another difference is Maine Coon’s whiskers. They have the longest whiskers compared to any other domesticated cat.

3. Tail

Another distinctive feature when comparing Maine Coon vs normal cat is – the tail.

By looking at the cat’s tail you’d be able to easily separate a Maine Coon from a normal cat.

Regular domesticated cats have a thin, noodle-like tail. Whereas, Maine Coon has a fluffy, long tail. Moreover, when walking their tail usually stays up, waving back and forth.

4. Size

The most important and obvious characteristic in Maine Coon vs normal cat is – size.

Normal domesticated cats are small in size (as long as they are not overweight). The average size of a regular cat:

  • Weight is 9 – 11pounds or 4 – 5kg
  • Length (with the tail) is 18 – 20 inches or 46 to 51cm
  • Height is 9 – 10 inches or 23 – 25cm

Maine Coon cats in comparison to normal cats are much larger. The average size of a Maine Coon cat:

  • Weight is 18 pounds or 8kg. In some cases they have even reached 20 pounds or 9.5kg
  • Length (with the tail) is average of 40 inches or 1 meter
  • Height is 10 to 16 inches or 25 – 40cm

Not only is the Maine Coon significantly bigger than a regular cat, they are also the largest domesticated cat breed in the world and hold a Guinness record. Therefore, if you want a small cat, Maine Coon is not the cat for you. However, keep reading as there are many amazing qualities that make the Maine Coon a great pet. 

5. Personality

When comparing Maine Coon vs normal cat, personality is one characteristic that definitely sets them apart.

Normal house cats can be affectionate, however they would spend much of their time on their own, away from you. Furthermore, most house cats are known for being independent, grumpy and sometimes even aggressive.

On the other hand, Maine Coons are known for having a unique personality, one that sets them apart from all other domesticated cat breeds. They are known for being dog-like, goofy and loving.


Unlike other cats, Maine Coons are not only loving but they will actively seek out affection from their owners. Moreover, they feel the need to be in your company. For instance, Maine Coon will follow you from room to room and observe whatever you’re doing just so they are near you.

Unlike many domesticated cats, Maine Coons enjoy being touched and held.


Another one of the more interesting Maine Coon facts is that they are known for being the dogs of the cat world. This is not only due to their impressive size, which in some cases can be larger than a small dog, but also due to their loyal personality.

Unlike normal domesticated cats, but similar to dogs, Maine Coons are loyal and faithful to their owners.

When comparing Maine Coon vs normal cat, Maine Coons love playing in water and even enjoy an occasional swim. Whereas, most normal domesticated cats hate water and stay away from it.

Family Pet

Maine Coons are the perfect family pets. Unlike most normal domesticated cats, Maine Coons will show affection to all family members including kids and other pets in the house.

Maine Coons can adapt to pretty much any new environment, including babies, new pets and more.


Any cat owner will tell you that they have experienced their cat being grumpy, hissing or even attacking them or other people.

In comparison, Maine Coon cats are known for being friendly, affectionate and don’t normally show aggression towards people or other pets.

Also known as “gentle giants”, Maine Coons personality is often described as patient and docile.

For instance, a cat owner tells us that when his regular cat tries to hit or hisses at his other cat (Maine Coon), the Coon would stay calm and not react.

The opposite, this cat owner tells us that the Maine Coon would continue to persist and try to make friends and get close to the other other cat.

6. Trainability

When comparing Maine Coon vs normal cat, is essential to mention Maine Coon’s intelligence.

All cats are intelligent creatures, however unlike regular domesticated cats, Maine Coons are easily trained. It’s been reported that they can learn to do tricks, follow simple commands and even learn to walk on a leash.

7. Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat Price

Another very important thing to note when comparing Maine Coon vs normal cat is the price.

Maine Coons are much more expensive than regular house cats. Normally, you can adopt a regular house cat for a small fee or even find one for free from a friend or on Craigslist.

Whereas, when looking to buy a Maine Coon, you should expect to pay anywhere between $500 – $1500 for a kitten.

The price tag for a Maine Coon is a hefty one, however as we have already discussed Maine Coon is one of a kind cat breed. These cats are beautiful and unique not only on the outside but also on the inside. Therefore, if you are looking for something special, Maine Coon is the one for you.

Maine Coon Kitten Vs Regular House Kitten

Looking at Maine Coon vs normal cat can be a useful comparison in more than one situation.

You might be in the research stages of getting a cat and wondering what is the right breed for you. On the other hand, you can be in a situation where you already have a kitten and you’re wondering if it’s a genuine Maine Coon kitten.

If you’re in the second situation mentioned, you’d be interested in how to distinguish Maine Coon kittens from regular ones.

Unless you’ve got your kitten from a reputable breeder, it would be hard to figure this out. However, there are some signs that can help you do this.

Comparable Factors

The following is a list of features that sets apart a Maine Coon kitten vs regular kitten:

  1. Size
  2. Coat and ears
  3. Growth rate
  4. Face features

1. Size

Unlike regular kitten, Maine Coon kittens would have bulkier bone and a rectangular body structure. In addition to that, their paws are larger than a regular kitten. 

2. Coat And Ears

Once the fur on their coat grows a bit more, you’d be able to tell if your kitten is Maine Coon or a regular one. Maine Coons have a bigger coat and are long haired unlike regular cats that are shorthaired.

Another sign that sets them apart are the tufts of fur on the tips of the ears. This is usually present early on in Maine Coon kitten.

3. Growth Rate

Another feature that sets Maine Coon and regular cats apart is the growth rate. Maine Coons remain kittens for longer. However, they will still grow bigger in size quicker than regular kittens.

Maine Coons fully mature at 3 – 4 years of age.

4. Face Features

Unlike regular kittens, Maine Coon kittens have the following face features:

  • Large and expressive eyes
  • Oval shaped
  • Squared and long muzzle

In some cases these traits might not be as prominent or there might only be one or two traits present. If you have a mixed Maine Coon kitten, their face features might consist of a softer muzzle and no tufts of fur on their paws.

Whereas, you should expect a purebred Maine Coon kitten to have a squared muzzle and large paws.

Final Thoughts

So who wins in the Maine Coon vs normal cat?

It all depends on what you’re after. There is no doubt that Maine Coons are one of a kind cat breed. They are very different than a regular house cat. Not only is the Maine Coon the largest domesticated cat in the world, they are also known for their gentle personality.

Maine Coon owners describe their personality as the following

  • Friendly
  • Love people
  • Social
  • Intelligent
  • Not aggressive

Although, Maine Coons are much more expensive than a regular house cat, they are unique cats that will be forever loyal to you and show you tons of affection.


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