About Us

My name is Iliyana and I’m a passionate animal lover and pet owner. Our team strongly believes that animals are innocent souls and we all must look out for them whether it’s your own pet or strays.

Between us we have looked after a variety of pets, from the more usual – dogs, cats and hamsters to the more unusual such as chickens, pidgeons, foxes, ferrets, reptiles and many more.

My love for animals has inspired me to created this website and recruit writers with previous experience of owning unusal pets to join the team.

There is significantly less information available online about unusual and exotic pets. This is the reason, our team has started researching and putting together information to help anyone, from a beginner to a more experienced pet owner.

Our goal is to provide the readers with informative, useful and high quality articles that help with animals’ safety, health, diet and much more. If you are worried about your pet, we hope you can find the informaion you need in one of our articles.

We hope you enjoy the information we have put together on this site and we’re excited to share our knowledge and extensive research with you all!

Thank you,

The Unusual Pets Guide Team